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The over twenty years experience of our managers is the true “core business” of HTE-AGRO Srl. We have deep and international knowledge in the realization of:

Heating systems both with fossil fuels and in green-energy: we realize technological process plants for each type of crops and for every technical solution (basal, aerial, snow protection, in steel or in PE, water or air). We design and supply simple and economic solutions for the needs of small agriculture and for modest technology processes; but we also have experiences in complex plants for highly performing processes, both from the thermal than from the agronomic point of view, intended for structured companies and able to operate within highly sophisticated thermodynamics protocols. The coupling with our computers PRIVA are the guarantee of the effectiveness and of the “top-tech” we can boast and put into practice.

Irrigation and fertilization systems: we realize simple localized irrigation systems and/or sprinkler irrigation up to more complex systems with fertilization benches and water power plants capable of meeting the needs of very important and sophisticated cultivation complexes. The use of national components and/or extra-national allow us to meet the needs of different expectations and functionalities. We apply irrigation systems for multiple needs on account of the cultivar, of the climate and of production processes.

Lighting systems for photo-assimilation with led and/or gas lamps for integration of light deficiencies and for improving manufacturing yields of cultivated species. Equipment for the control of the photoperiod consisting of complexes with obscuration drapes and lighting to modify and control the photoperiod in the cultivation areas.

Regulation and control systems performed with the most efficient computerized technologies and/or with basic systems able to ensure satisfactory and effective climate and fertilization process controls. HTE-AGRO Srl is dealer for Italy for PRIVA technology (Holland), and so we can boast all the expertise and experience to provide also complex systems coordinated between climate and irrigation while ensuring a 360° control of production processes within the greenhouses.

Cooling systems and plants for the cultivation areas performed with cooling systems and/or fog. The experience in the different climatic zones of the world (from the desert areas to the polar one) allows us to be competent in the identification of more compatible and performing technologies from the technical-economic point of view. The use of processes of lowering temperatures with the technique of the enthalpy is the basis of these processes, but we have also applied technologies of civil conditioning having obtained satisfactory ameliorative effects.

Soilless cultivation systems such as floating system, flux and reflux with rolling benches, fixed and removable benches and/or benches on the ground, or cultivation techniques on inert substrates (rock wool, “pozzolana”, agri-perlite, bark extracts of coconut, and others) for production cycles of vegetable gardens, floriculture and others. The most suitable technology for each manufacturer according to the attitudes, experience and ability of the manufacturer and/or the essence produced. Belong to this environment production processes with trunking systems on the ground or suspended for strawberries, mixed berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., that is floating systems for salads, aromatic and medicinal herbs, etc. or even systems like NFT or mixed to produce salads ready for a direct sale to the final consumer.

Obscuration systems, shading and energy savings realized with the use of horizontal scrolling mechanisms and not only with the use of canvas in fireproof material and respectful of international fire-fighting standards. We apply automation systems or simple timers to ensure the most correct use in combination with other controls of your greenhouse.