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It is an area substantially new that we have faced having had to implement some projects coordinated between photovoltaic applications and metal constructions and/or in reinforced concrete.

In this context, we have so decided to implement our experience also in other areas where we can ensure the competence and knowledge of industrial problems to which all buildings must underlie so that we can get the maximum functional and economical effect.

  • Construction of metal structures for functional inserting of photovoltaic modules
  • Construction of metallic buildings or buildings in reinforced concrete for the realization of technological stations (for heating, electrical, hydraulic, etc.)
  • Realization of play and recreational centers complete with all their technologies
  • Realization of cells for meristema cultivation and/or for the experimental reproduction of external settings (hot/cold) or finally for the reproduction of aseptic conditions and/or to artificial and controlled climates and illuminances
  • Photovoltaic complexes as solar “parks” or photovoltaic greenhouses or other types of structures
  • Construction of metal structures or structures in reinforced concrete and cast on site for breeding (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and rabbits), complete of any plant, both technical (heating, cooling) than technological ones (feeding, milking, milk processing, etc.)